Texans Upcoming 2013-2014 Season


Well I would like to start my first blog talking about the Houston Texans upcoming season. I believe they can take it all this season with the players they signed this season. Ed Reed left the Ravens because his friend Ray Lewis retired and basically the Ravens 2012-13 players went separate ways. Ed Reed will give the the Texans that edge in the back field that they didn’t have last year. After what Aaron Rodgers did to them Week 6 was just embarrassing. Some throws were just so accurate even though the WR’s were covered. And let’s not forget the first Patriots game. The defense will be solid this season no doubt. But the big question is can Matt Schaub take us to MetLife Stadium in February. Schaub already has that playoff feeling that he had last year. I’m pretty sure that motivated him. Now that they have a WR in DeAndre Hopkins they can finally put some pressure off Andre Johnson. They have had losses like Connor Barwin in the offseason but I believe Whitney Mercilus can pick up the pieces and make something better. I believe the Texans can finish the season 13-3. It’s all on Matt Schaub this season.


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